The Different Types of Asbestos Surveys

There are different types of asbestos surveys, each suitable for different situations, and it is critically important that you choose the right one. The three main types of surveys are management surveys, pre-demolition surveys and pre-refurbishment surveys.

Surveys can be carried out by someone in-house or a third party, but the surveyor must have a competent understanding to carry out the survey to the right standard. If done inadequately the consequences can be disastrous.

Management Surveys

A management survey is the basis of any asbestos management plan. This type of survey will be required during the normal occupation and use of a building to maintain the continued management of asbestos. Management surveys work to identify any asbestos within premises that may be accessible through normal building occupancy, including basic maintenance and installation work.  A management survey is the basis of any asbestos management plan.

Pre-Demolition Surveys

Refurbishment and demolition asbestos surveys are vitally important tools in assessing the safety of contractors working with buildings. It is unlikely that information gained during a management survey will suffice unless refurbishment works are very minor and not intrusive.

A pre-demolition asbestos survey works to identify asbestos-containing materials so that they can be removed from the site in preparation for the demolition. It involves a fully intrusive inspection, to check the building fabric for the presence of asbestos that could be hidden in the structure.

Pre-Refurbishment Surveys

A pre-refurbishment survey is typically required prior to commencing building refurbishment works. An intrusive inspection is likely required in this instance, but it is dependent on the scope of refurbishment work. This might range from redecoration to the complete removal of internal and external materials, that can help identify any asbestos-containing material.

Re-Inspection Surveys

An asbestos re-inspection survey (also referred to as an annual asbestos re-inspection survey) is designed to allow the duty holder to monitor and record the condition of any previously identified asbestos products within a building.

Like any building material, asbestos-containing materials are also subject to potential damage and degradation. As an asbestos product degrades it can be more likely to become a hazard to health, therefore should be inspected at regular intervals to ensure its condition has not deteriorated. For this type of survey to be undertaken, an existing asbestos survey or asbestos register should be in place. Should your existing asbestos containing materials be identified and deemed unsafe due to deterioration, our team can help you choose and plan your next course of action to achieve compliance.